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We asked many of you for your questions on sucralose. Here are the top questions we received and the answers direct from registered dietitians with the Calorie Control Council.

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School is In: Healthy Lunches for All

Lunchtime can get a bit boring for both kids and parents. Sure a turkey sandwich and an apple are wholesome and nutritious, but by the second month of school, it’s pretty monotonous. Start the school year right and stay on a healthful path with these lunch tips for students and parents alike.

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Stay Deliciously Hydrated

They say eight glasses of water a day, right? Well, maybe not. After hearing this advice for so long, it’s hard to believe that it’s not advice for everyone. However, two scientific reviews found no evidence for the recommendations. Plus, in 2004 the Institute for Medicine (IOM) suggesting that average healthy Americans could stop fretting… Read more »