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We asked many of you for your questions on sucralose. Here are the top questions we received and the answers direct from registered dietitians with the Calorie Control Council.

Which sugar-substitute is healthy & good for me since there are so many options on the market? I am presently using Splenda.
I heard from my doctor that Splenda or sucralose is extremely harmful to the liver especially over a period of time. Has there been extensive studies conducted on sucralose and the liver?
I have been using sucralose for about a year now to help manage prediabetes. I use it every day in my coffee & oatmeal. Recently, however, I saw that the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is linking sucralose to leukemia and other blood cancers. Is this true and should I refrain from using sucralose?
Does sucralose cause gastrointestinal problems such as excessive gas, acid reflux or irritation of stomach?
Does sucralose make you gain weight?
I have heard that sucralose causes Multiple Sclerosis-like symptoms. What were the findings of sucralose on the central nervous system?

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September 12, 2016 Lifestyle Advice