Substituting Calories While Preserving Taste

You’ve heard it before: Successful weight loss and weight control require a lifestyle change, not a fad diet. Making simple substitutions, such as using a no-calorie sweetener such as sucralose instead of sugar in foods and beverages is a key ingredient for cutting excess calories from the diet.

Adding a teaspoon of sugar here or a tablespoon there can add more calories than you realize. For instance, if you typically add sugar, that would add up to an additional 360 calories each day just from sugar! If you really want to see how many calories are saved each day by substituting the sugar in foods for sucralose, try writing down everything you eat with added sugar and adding up those calories at the end of the day. Or, check out the Calorie Savings Calculator. You will that a simple substitution will save many excess calories (and pounds!)

Substituting sucralose for sugar in baked goods is a quick and easy way to cut calories in a recipe. Sucralose maintains its sweetness under high heat and can be substituted for sugar on a 1:1 or ½: ½ ratio of sucralose to sugar, so baking with sucralose won’t affect the sweetness of your tasty treat. Baking with sucralose blend will cut half the calories and carbohydrates from sugar in a recipe and baking with sucralose will cut out all the calories and carbohydrates in a recipe that come from sugar. Many excess calories come from beverages and an easy way to enjoy the taste of your favorite beverage without the extra calories is to substitute with sucralose. Try substituting sucralose for sugar in drinks such as tea, lemonade, coffee or smoothies.

In today’s society, overweight and obesity have become major health concerns. Since eating habits are formed at a young age and sucralose is safe for use by children, substitute sucralose for sugar when baking with your kids, as well as when baking with yourself. This will help cut the calories in the recipe while also teaching kids about healthier options. Try the recipe below for delicious chocolate chip cookies!

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December 5, 2012 Lifestyle Advice